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Fishing gear tests, comparison of Bergs Dredge and traditional ski dredge

11 July 2018

In the end of June we along with researchers from the Marine & Freshwater Research Institute did perform the first of two comparison test between the Bergs Dredge and the traditional ski dredges. The tests where conducted in Breiðafjörður on the west coast of Iceland. The plan was to take pictures to measure the impact of the dredges on the seabed but unfortunately the visibility was to poor. So only the comparison tests where conducted, in them we are looking at what possible difference these two dredges have in catch rate and if and what damages the dredges have to the catch. We had some strong indications of higher fishing rates and better quality of the catch in the Bergs dredge. The second test run is scheduled later in July and afterwards we will run the data collected in these two test runs.

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