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Sea Cucumbers (cucumaria frondosa)

Frozen whole in 10 kg blocks for further processing.

Cut open from end to end, uncleaned with guts in, frozen in 10 kg blocks.


Whole frozen in blocks 10 kg.

Ocean Boat
Dark Ocean

Sea Cucumber

Sea cucumber

to your liking

dried, fresh or frozen


Fishing Gear

Our specially developed environmentally friendly sea cucumber dredge


Processing Equipment

Sea Cucumber processing line.A complete solution for the processing of sea cucumbers


Aurora Seafood

Aurora Seafood is an Icelandic sea cucumber fishing and processing company.  The company focuses on utilizing sea cucumbers, latin name cucumaria frondosa, and operates two vessels. Drangur ÁR and Klettur ÍS  as well as buying from other fishing boats.

The sea cucumber fishing season starts in July and usually slows down over the winter time and ends in May.

Only 9 ships are allowed to catch sea cucumbers around Iceland and to keep the fishing sustainable the government sets a fixed volume the entire fleet can catch every year. 

Aurora Seafood does buy sea cucumbers from two other vessels thus operating with 4 out 9 fishing vessels in Iceland. The plant Krossfiskur at Stokkseyri handles the processing and freezing. Products are then shipped via Reykajvik or Þorlákshöfn in 40ft freezing containers.

Aurora Seafood´s team is set up by diverse team of experts who are all owners and founders of Aurora Seafood:

Kári Ólafsson - founder of the first company utilizing Sea Cucumber in Europe. A food Scientist with vast experience in the entire value chain.

Gunnar Þór Gunnarsson - processing expert with vast experience in seafood processing and development.   

Davíð Freyr Jónsson - CEO - entrepreneur and business developer at the front lines of new and under utilized species.   

Our team of experts all share the vision of a sustainable, environmentally friendly utilization and responsible production of the best quality sea cucumbers. 

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