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Latest news and announcements from Aurora Seafood H2020 Topbalat project 

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Successful cooperation with the Icelandic Ocean Cluster

The Icelandic Ocean cluster have been promoting the Topblata project and the mission on full utilisation of the sea cucumbers on various events, both in Iceland and Internationally.

Sledge operation test with pumping mechanics

This summer further testing on the fishing gear have been on going. To increase the drag time and efficiency of each fishing trip tests have been done on pumping sea cucumbers from the sledge bags up to the ships. The testing has been successful by pumping the catch us...

Topbalat Awarded Best Innovation Idea at The Seafood Conference Iceland

At 2018 The Seafood Conference Iceland, Topbalat´s sea cucumber processing machine innovation idea got awarded first place. Project manager David Freyr received the awards on behalf of the development team.Aurora Seafood with...

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Iceland is an island surrounded by clean ocean with great diversity of seafood which makes the best habitat for sea cucumbers. In order to demonstrate the unique geographical and ecological advantages of Icelandic...

1.000 ton catch in one year for the first time.

Our ship Klettur has for the first time broke through the 1.000 ton barrier as a catch in one fishing year. This is a record fishing in Iceland, at least. The average catch per fishing day of 14 hours from harbor to harbor has increased from 7,4 tons to 9,5 since the T...

Fishing gear tests, comparison of Bergs Dredge and traditional ski dredge

In the end of June we along with researchers from the Marine & Freshwater Research Institute did perform the first of two comparison test between the Bergs Dredge and the traditional ski dredges. The tests where conducted in Breiðafjörður on the west coast of Iceland....

Preparation for test fishing summer 2018

Last few weeks preparations for our comparison tests this summer have been on going. Tests will be conducted in Breiðafjörður with the new fishing gear and former ski-dredges with focus on environmental impact and catch rate.

First Berg´s Dredge (Sea Cucumber dredge) Ready for Testing

We now have our first sea cucumber dredge built from scaled blueprints. The design is built on previous development with a few more implementations such as rubber sleeve on the mouth piece and a sensor bracket. The dredge was given the name Berg´s dredge in honor of ou...

A model for flume tank tests being made in Hampidjan Canada

David Kelly and his crew in Hampidjan Canada did make for us a test model to use in the flume tank tests later this week. Together with Einar Skaftason at Hampidjan Iceland we designed the blueprints for Topbalat´s Sea Cucumber dredge and soon we will see how it opera...

Dredge tests in flume tank at Memorial University

We just finished tests on our dredge design in the flume tank at Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University. In the tests we did look at how the dredge bag operated in a current equal to the drag speed in regular fishing trips. In short the dredge and bag op...

About the project

Topbalat project is a sea cucumber value chain development project. 

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 The project is run by Aurora Seafood with a team of entrepreneurs that have led the development of Sea Cucumber fishing in Iceland over the last 15 years.


The main goals of the project first phase is to develop and standardize our sea cucumber fishing dredge along with a new generation of processing line.  In the second stage of the development, Topbalat´s team will aid any interested companies in Europe to start the utilization of local sea cucumber species

Aurora Seafood´s team is set up by diverse team of experts:

Kári Ólafsson - founder of the first company utilizing Sea Cucumber in Europe. A food Scientist with vast experience in the entire value chain.

Bergur Garðarsson - First and still leading captain of sea cucumbers in Iceland

Davíð Freyr Jónsson - Topbalat project manager a leading entrepreneur in seafood in Iceland.

Gunnar Þór Gunnarsson - Topbalat processing development leader. A processing expert with vast experience in seafood processing and development.   

Our team of experts all share the vision of a sustainable, environmentally friendly utilization and responsible production of the best quality sea cucumbers. We believe that the world has a lot to learn about Sea Cucumbers and we aim to take full part in the interesting future of Sea Cucumbers.


In the Ocean Cluster House in Reykjavík

Grandagarður 16

Open: 9 - 16 Mon - Fri.

Phone: +354 864 4949​

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